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In a world of AI and self-proclaimed marketing gurus, PAB stays well grounded.

We're a jargon-free zone. All we care about is getting you the best results in your marketing campaigns.

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There's a reason teams across the UK stick around for over 20 years....
"We highly recommend PAB Studios Advertising Agency for their professionalism, creativity, and dedication to driving success."
Shaun Foweather
Managing Director at Stoneacre Motor Group

Why should I choose PAB Studios?

This fluid media landscape is always changing. It’s important to work with an agency that knows how to get results.

Legacy agency

We've been around the marketing block more times than a whippet at Crufts. (Since 1989, to be precise.)


We speak human, not marketing-ese. No jargon, just straight-up talk and clear strategies.

On your side

We're not afraid to get our hands dirty, from brainstorming to boardroom battles. We're in it with you.

Yorkshire and proud

We're not your average marketing agency. Think Yorkshire grit meets marketing magic. 

An extension of you

Tired of feeling like a number? We treat every client like a rockstar, big or small. 

Data drives decisions

...but we don't forget the heart. We blend insights with intuition for campaigns that resonate.

What did 2023 look like for PAB?

Let's be honest. Life isnt always all singing all dancing. But 2023? Twas' great for team PAB!

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It's all in the mix

There's nothing we can't do.

You probably don’t need to be told that the top of the Google search results page is a pretty good place to be for any business (unless it’s for the search term ‘worst companies in the world ever’).

There are two ways to get there. It’s a bit like getting in to one of Wakefield’s numerous high-class VIP nightclubs. You can wait obediently in line, polish up your best shoes and hope the bouncer likes the look of you (SEO); or, alternatively, you slip the doorman a tenner and jump ahead of the queue (SEM).

Unlike SEO, which costs less but takes much longer to see results, SEM can drive results quickly and effectively.

It doesn’t have to cost the earth, either. The Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model ensures that you only pay for clicks through to your website from selected search queries, ensuring quality leads with high purchase intent.

SEM at PAB Studios

We’ve got so many ways of connecting with companies, products and services these days.

Trends come and go in a flash, technology evolves at frightening rates and attention spans fade faster than you can say ‘Facebook feed’.

Your brand is the one constant in all of this, a flagpole planted firmly in the shifting sands. It’s the foundation, the building blocks. A solid brand identity gives you the confidence to go out and make your business a success.

We’re not just talking about logos and colours here; your brand is everything. It’s the public face of you, your values and your personality. It’s every single experience a customer has with your business, and the perceptions that they form as a result. It’s what you want your audience to feel about you and your products.

Ethos Branded Stationary

Nine in ten of us still tune in to the radio each week. That’s just under 50 million people – 100 million captive ears waiting to soak up some audio goodness.

I bet you can recall a memorable, mildly annoying radio ad without a second’s hesitation. How else would you know that Autoglass repair and Autoglass subsequently replace without that little jingle?!

Radio ads stick with us in a way that no other form of advertising can, and science agrees.

Involuntary Muscle Memory – otherwise known as an earworm – is a catchy piece of noise which sticks in our head long after we’ve heard it. Latching your business onto a earworm can do wonders for brand awareness.

Advertising on the radio is a surprisingly cost and time effective way of communicating your key messages and making them stick.

We’ll help you keep up with changing habits, too.

Radio studio at PAB Studios

At heart, we’re all just big kids in a sweet shop. We know what we want, but we can always be tempted into wanting more.

Flash a jar of cola cubes (remember them?!) in front of us and we’re piling them in with the rhubarb and custards before you can say sherbert dib dabs through mouthfuls of flying saucers.

In the retail space, there’s plenty of ways you can take advantage of our avaricious nature.

Point of Sale marketing is a great way to showcase new products, promote additional add-ons or forge a deeper connection with your brand when the customer is in store and already on the cusp of a purchase.

Window and door graphics, countertop displays, freestanding display units, hanging units, digital display boards; whatever message you need to communicate, we’ve got a way of doing it effectively.

It’s all in the mix. Not the 2005 film ‘In The Mix’ starring Usher, because that was rubbish and got 13% on Rotten Tomatoes.
We’re talking about getting you in the full marketing mix.

Successful campaigns take full advantage of different formats and methods both online and offline.As an unbiased, full service agency we can advise you on everything from press to radio advertising, from SEO to SEM and back to good old direct mail and print.

Whether you’re looking for a helping hand with a specific area or need an all-in-one integrated marketing department, we’ve got in-house expertise at every level of the marketing spectrum.

Have a specific project in mind?

We’re a friendly bunch, honest. No job is too big or small for us, and there are no stupid questions.

See what people have to say about us...​

"The experience working with PAB feels like they are a part of our own team since they are always so responsive, flexible and efficient, that it feels effortless to execute a project with their support. They have an impeccable attitude and ability to turn any challenge thrown at them into a solution and a positive experience for their clients. For example, when materials for an important conference were mistakenly delivered to the wrong place, Nicky took time out of her day to collect the items and hand deliver them to me in person so that there was no disruption to the event itself. They manage to bring value and energy to any project and we would highly recommend them as a partner to any organisation."

Tess Kelly Head of External Engagement at Quorn

"We have been working with PAB for a number of years.  We were initially attracted to their understanding,  detail and professionalism in their approach to our brand.  The fact that they were local to where we operate was an additional bonus.  They have guided our company through re-branding, covid, post-covid, helped us with every aspect of marketing that we asked of them.  Nicky has become part of our team and are always on hand to help, advise and guide. "

Claire Kendall Partner at Richard Kendall Estate Agent

"MHA has partnered with PAB Studios for several years, appreciating their ability to navigate the unique challenges of our diverse carehomes and retirement properties. PAB consistently delivers effective solutions, from impactful signage that resonates with our residents to targeted PPC campaigns driving qualified leads. Sophie's personal touch fosters strong relationships across our organisation, ensuring we feel heard and understood. PAB goes beyond fulfilling our needs, acting as a true partner invested in our continued success."

Janice Walker Head of Sales at MHA

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