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You probably don’t need to be told that the top of the Google search results page is a pretty good place to be for any business (unless it’s for the search term ‘worst companies in the world ever’).

There are two ways to get there. It’s a bit like getting in to one of Wakefield’s numerous high-class VIP nightclubs. You can wait obediently in line, polish up your best shoes and hope the bouncer likes the look of you (SEO); or, alternatively, you slip the doorman a tenner and jump ahead of the queue (SEM).

Unlike SEO, which costs less but takes much longer to see results, SEM can drive results quickly and effectively.

It doesn’t have to cost the earth, either. The Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model ensures that you only pay for clicks through to your website from selected search queries, ensuring quality leads with high purchase intent.

"Our digital marketing specialists will optimise your campaigns to make sure you’re getting the best possible ROI"

PPC and AdWords specialists

Audiences are defined based on a range of specified characteristics – age, gender, location, interests – targeting your desired audience with accuracy and efficiency.

Based on your budget and goals, our PPC and AdWords specialists will optimise your campaigns to make sure you’re getting the best possible ROI.

We’ll also run plenty of tests on the ad copy and messaging, changing things that aren’t hitting the mark and learning from ads which have a high click-through-rate (CTR).

Once the campaign is over we’ll present all the results to you in a digestible format, analysing all the key metrics and providing you with total transparency in regards to your budget.

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