Beginning a new chapter in life, whether it be a new school or a new job, can be daunting. After closing my University chapter, I was ecstatic to have been offered a job as a digital marketing assistant at PAB Studios. The job was perfect for me.

Despite my excitement, my brain produced every worst-case scenario it possibly could in the lead-up to my first day. What if my train was cancelled? What if my outfit was too formal – or worse, too casual? I had so many ‘what ifs’.

When I arrived for my first day, I was escorted to my desk by the lovely office manager, Kelly. As this is my first job out of university, and having watched a bit too much of ‘The Office’, simply having my own desk is exciting. I’m sure that the novelty wears off a few months down the line, but having my own hole-punch and filing tray feels like the epitome of ‘adult professional’.

After being introduced to my desk, I was whisked around on a quick tour of the building and introduced to all the staff. Luckily I was given a handy sheet mapping out the office and where each person sat, so I could keep referring back to it whenever I forgot a name.

I was also given a 2020 diary and all the stationery I might need, so I felt well looked-after and ready to start.

PAB office desk

Learning About the Services at PAB

My first week here was an induction week, which meant I wasn’t totally overwhelmed with new information all at once, but instead eased into my new role with snippets of information at a time. I sat with people from different teams and departments to understand how each position links and how the business functions as a whole.

It was interesting to see the things I’d learnt at university being implemented in real life, from media planning to completing creative briefs. I particularly enjoyed learning about SEO and web design from other members of the digital team. Things made a lot more sense after this week!

I’ve found the atmosphere at PAB Studios to be really positive and encouraging. This is all down to the friendliness of the staff, who made me feel welcomed right away. Photos of new staff are posted onto PAB’s social media, which really makes you feel like part of the team from the get go.

First day at PAB

On my second day, there was a hot chocolate competition between staff members, which gave me an idea of the perfect work/fun balance here!

Rather than being expected to know everything automatically, I’ve been taught, with patience, how to perform tasks. I had a lot to remember in my first week, from computer logins, to names, to how to do all the tasks I’d been assigned. It felt like a lot of information to retain at the time, but it’s turning into second nature now.

The Future

Considering I’d spent the last four years at university, which doesn’t exactly promote a routinely lifestyle, the first week at my new job was an entirely different experience for me. Settling into a new routine doesn’t happen overnight, but I feel as though I’m adapting well to my new working lifestyle and learning the ropes quickly.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for me in the world of digital marketing!